FXOpen Partnership Program

Looking for an affiliate program in Forex? Willing to make money online without being engaged in trading personally? Thinking about running your own Forex brokerage business? Then launch a partnership with FXOpen broker!

Forex Affiliate Program: Make Money Online

The FXOpen partnership program is created specifically for the Forex market participants (brokers and traders), those in the advertising space, and all those looking for income through the Internet. We offer high remuneration for bringing new clients to Forex trading  and a multi-level partnership that could lead to developing your own business in Forex.

You can find advertising aids about FXOpen and its latest promotional campaigns on this site. You can use these materials (including banners, landing pages, FXOpen logos, news about the activities and bonuses currently available within the company) to attract new clients to the Forex market.

You can always monitor the registration process of your referrals (those new clients brought to the market via your personal account in the company) at My FXOpen area. Your account stores statistics on visits, opened accounts, the number of performed transactions and commission paid.

FXOpen affiliate program is one of the best partnership programs in the Forex niche!

Last news

“The Lord of the Crypto”: Free Demo Contest from FXOpen and ForexCup Starts on July 31

Tue, 07/11/2017 - 13:15

FXOpen and ForexCup decided to have a challenge for cryptocurrency fans. “The Lord of the Crypto” is a free contest on demo accounts.

The journey bringing profit to traders will last for four weeks between July 31 and August 25, 2017. You will find awesome prizes on arrival with a total value of 2,000 USD.


FXOpen Informs about Changes to Commodities and Indices Trading on July 3rd and 4th

Fri, 06/30/2017 - 18:49

Dear traders,

Please note that due to Independence Day in the USA on 4 July 2016 the following changes in trading hours may be experienced on July 3rd and 4th.

July 3rd

Currency pairs: normal trading hours;
Metals, Oil and Natural Gas: normal trading hours;

  • Japan 225 trading ends at 20:15 GMT+3;
  • US SPX 500 trading ends at 20:15 GMT+3;
  • US SPX 500 (Mini) trading ends at 20:15 GMT+3;
  • US Tech 100 trading ends at 20:15 GMT+3;
  • US Tech 100(Mini) trading ends at 20:15 GMT+3;
  • Wall Street 30 trading ends at 20:15 GMT+3;
  • Wall Street 30 (Mini) trading ends at 20:15 GMT+3.

All other indices will be traded without changes.

July 4th

Currency pairs: normal trading hours;
Metals: trading ends at 20:00 GMT+3;
Oil and Natural Gas: trading ends at 19:45 GMT+3;

  • Japan 225 trading ends at 20:00 GMT+3;
  • US SPX 500 trading ends at 20:00 GMT+3;
  • US SPX 500 (Mini) trading ends at 20:00 GMT+3;
  • US Tech 100 trading ends at 20:00 GMT+3;
  • US Tech 100 (Mini) trading ends at 20:00 GMT+3;
  • Wall Street 30 trading ends at 20:00 GMT+3;
  • Wall Street 30 (Mini) trading ends at 20:00 GMT+3.

FXOpen announces the launch of Cashback Program

Wed, 06/28/2017 - 13:50

FXOpen is happy to present Cashback Program. It will help traders traders receive an additional refund for any kind of trades including loss-making. Now they can easily get cashback without the need to take any additional actions: it's added automatically to their Commission accounts. The cashback amount is determined according to the total margin used on all client's trading accounts.

You can use the Cashback Program during the first 90 days from the moment of registration in FXOpen. The minimum cashback is $5, the maximum is $1,000. The maximum cashback per trade is $100.